Preggo Tips: Emotions #1

<<15 weeks and counting>>

Granted I’m a first time mom but I’ve definitely learned somethings so far. So as I learn them I’m going to share them. Think my tips are wrong? Tell me. (But I’m like NEVER wrong lol).

First pregnancy tip is to step away from the emotions!

The only pregnancy stereotype more notorious than pregnancy cravings are pregnancy emotions (and sometimes the two are intertwined). Pregnant women are known for going from angry 😡 to happy 😀 to sad 😥 . It can only be expected when are hormones are going off like Mexican jumping beans on a trampoline. I’m guilty of letting commercials making get tearful and allowing people to make me boiling mad. From these I’ve learned the best thing for a pregnant lady to do is to step away from the emotion.

Stepping away from the emotion can be as easy as changing the channel or literally walking away. Stepping away can save you from messing up your perfectly applied mascara or from saying something you might regret later.

More people than not as just flat out idiots and don’t know how what they’re saying or doing is effecting other people, especially pregnant ones. And of those people there are quite a few who no matter how you try to explain it to them they’ll never understand. When dealing with those people it’s best to just let it go! All your going to do is make yourself more upset. I guarantee you a fool has never lost an argument. As far as those who are sane, It’s best to step away and if you still feel strongly about it come back and talk to them when you’ve cooled off.

Now, there are also those times when (As much as it pains me to say this) where you’re hormones will lead you to overreact. It’s these times that give pregnancy a bad name, which is why it’s best to step away from emotions. It stops you from having to apologize. And who wants to be wrong and have to apologize anyway?

Sure you get a pass for your emotions while pregnant but lets not become “that pregnant girl” No one wants to be around anyone that they have to tip toe around, pregnant or not.

Making it isn’t easy, but stepping away will help.


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