Products We Love: Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

If there is anything that I would say NEEDS to be in every diaper bag and on every changing table it’s Boudreaux’s Original Butt Paste! My baby has only had 3 bouts with diaper rash (one due to a change in diaper brand, two due to teething) and butt paste has come to the rescue each time. Having a darker skinned baby the first case of diaper rash she had was moderate and  took me a little longer to recognize as an issue. Within 2 days of using the Boudreaux’s the redness on her bottom was gone and within the week it was completely healed. Butt paste worked just as quickly on her rashes she got due to the acidic bowel movements she had while teething. With her last round of teething I used butt paste as a preventative measure and bypassed the teething diaper rash all together (which makes for a happier baby). It also makes wiping poop off bottoms a breeze! I now keep a tube in her and bag and one at the house!



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