Pregnancy Progress- 2nd Trimester

Pregnancy Progress- 2nd Trimester

Weeks 18-27
Please excuse my appearance these, most were taken right before bed!

Getting rounder!!


Honey Mooning

Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve posted! I ALMOST feel bad, but I’ve really been in the honey moon phase that the second trimester was promised to be! I feel amazing. All of those symptoms that other pregnant women and mothers warned me about have avoided me (thank God!). Yes, I’ve had to adapt some things in my life like how I sleep and my ability not to roll my eyes at stupid comments 🙄 but that’s about it.

My energy is great, no food aversions, I’m still physically active and working out, no swelling and while my little lady is quite active she hasn’t shown any vendetta against my bladder or my ribs. I can still shave my legs and polish my toes! I have had the occasional leg cramp when I stretch waking up but nightly calf stretches seem to have cured that. I don’t want to jinx myself and say I’m the magical pregnant unicorn they speak of in the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” but I feel pretty darn close to it.

I will mention that I had a moment of weakness where Sonic did not have ice cream more-less their advertised turtle molten chocolate cake sundae that I came for and I decided they deserved to go out of business and expressed that on both their twitter and Facebook before calming down. 😆 😆 😆 But hey it happens to the best preggo out there.


{{18 weeks and counting}}

What kind of first time mom would I be if I didn’t bombard you with my ultrasound pictures? Baby moved so much it was hard to get the still shots! a little blurry if you ask me (but still so beautiful)


2D. Kind of a profile

3D curled up

3D curled up

At the end, finally asleep with hands between legs like mama!!

At the end, finally asleep with hands between legs like mama!!

Making it isn’t easy, but can you believe this is what I’m making?


Mother Boards

So you’re pregnant? What’s next? What better place to find out then the Mecca of all information: THE INTERNET! In today’s day and age it’s not uncommon for mom’s to be to join a birth or pregnancy online message board. There are so many baby websites (check the links section if you’re in need to some) that offer message boards and many of those websites have apps for you to access them on your smart phones and e-tablets. Allow me to give you a run-down of these boards work; the good, the bad, and the idiots.

The Good

Online message boards are a great way to compare symptoms, ask questions, and share stories about all things pregnancy related (and some not so pregnancy related). Everyone wants to have someone they can share experiences with as their going through them. Yes, Dad and other “real life” friends and family are great but they don’t always understand. Also, you can share your excitement about things with women before you’re ready to tell your world. There can be a struggle between wanting to share you’re news and wanting to stray on the side of caution. With online boards you get them both! And you can talk about your gas, your mother-in-law, and how you’re kids are annoying you without your cousin knowing about it. You can also ask questions about concerns get advice, give/get words of encouragement, and share similar experiences with women who are going through what you’re going through. Plus there’s a board for just about everything: breastfeed, cloth diapers, crafts, couponing, crunchy moms, working moms, etc.

The Bad

Thousands of hormonal, achy, sick women with one place to congregate and a computer to hide behind! Sounds like a recipe for rainbows, glitter, and cupcakes right? Definitely NOT! Just as much as the women on these online forums can be helpful and supportive they can be brutal! Some can be judgmental, catty, and relentlessly, cruel.  Your vent about your crazy sister-in-law or indulgence in sushi may turn into an all-out e-brawl questioning your character, grammar, and intelligence. So beware! There are also trolls out there who make up the most outlandish mind-blowing stories that will make you both disgusted and flabbergasted. But if it makes you feel any better they usually end up turning into a Tupperware party where recipes and food porn pictures are exchanged.

The Idiots

For every one mentally sound woman online there are ten idiots. Whether they be just plain stupid or trolling to upset pregnant women one post or comment from these e-idiots can make your blood boil or you laugh until you cry. These women can range from misinformed and ignorant to downright selfish a**holes.  Posts about breastfeeding being unsanitary and animalistic might piss you off while others about being sugar daddies and not knowing who the baby’s father is will make you laugh from their absurdity. Also let’s not forget those who think spelling and grammar are foreign mythical concepts. Get out your decoder rings for these posts ladies!

Overall pregnancy boards can be great but the best thing about them is you can log off. Take what you need from them and head back to the real world.

Making it isn’t easy, making a post about it might help.


I like to move it move it

{{17 weeks and counting}}

!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!! Ahhhh!! I’m so excited!! ❗ ❗ My baby just moved and we obviously have some kind of ESP communication going on!! I’m literally too excited to sleep.

Back story: So I’ve been feeling a thump here or there for about a week, but how can a first time mom be sure that those tiny thumps are baby moving especially when it’s just one or two in a row? So I go to an online birth club board and start voicing my concern. An hour later this kid gives me like 1 minute straight of what had to be a combination of Capoeria and the Cha-cha slide. I had to lay there for another 2 minutes in case she wasn’t done. Obviously my baby read my mind and right after I’d given up for the night decided to go show out!! I’m telling you I am in LOVE and beyond excited! (I’m sure my over-use of the exclamation point in the post shows it.)

Making it isn’t easy, but times like this it’s worth it!!


Preggo Tips: Emotions #1

<<15 weeks and counting>>

Granted I’m a first time mom but I’ve definitely learned somethings so far. So as I learn them I’m going to share them. Think my tips are wrong? Tell me. (But I’m like NEVER wrong lol).

First pregnancy tip is to step away from the emotions!

The only pregnancy stereotype more notorious than pregnancy cravings are pregnancy emotions (and sometimes the two are intertwined). Pregnant women are known for going from angry 😡 to happy 😀 to sad 😥 . It can only be expected when are hormones are going off like Mexican jumping beans on a trampoline. I’m guilty of letting commercials making get tearful and allowing people to make me boiling mad. From these I’ve learned the best thing for a pregnant lady to do is to step away from the emotion.

Stepping away from the emotion can be as easy as changing the channel or literally walking away. Stepping away can save you from messing up your perfectly applied mascara or from saying something you might regret later.

More people than not as just flat out idiots and don’t know how what they’re saying or doing is effecting other people, especially pregnant ones. And of those people there are quite a few who no matter how you try to explain it to them they’ll never understand. When dealing with those people it’s best to just let it go! All your going to do is make yourself more upset. I guarantee you a fool has never lost an argument. As far as those who are sane, It’s best to step away and if you still feel strongly about it come back and talk to them when you’ve cooled off.

Now, there are also those times when (As much as it pains me to say this) where you’re hormones will lead you to overreact. It’s these times that give pregnancy a bad name, which is why it’s best to step away from emotions. It stops you from having to apologize. And who wants to be wrong and have to apologize anyway?

Sure you get a pass for your emotions while pregnant but lets not become “that pregnant girl” No one wants to be around anyone that they have to tip toe around, pregnant or not.

Making it isn’t easy, but stepping away will help.


Marking the baby


“Marking” the baby is an old wives’ tale where if you do certain things or certain things happen to you, it will effect the babies personality or physical appearance. For instance if a pregnant woman was to make fun of, or stare at a person with a undesired trait or abnormality then her baby will then have that trait or abnormality.

I know this may sound crazy to some, but there a lot of people who whole-heatedly believe that you can “mark” a baby. And unfortunately I am one of them, to a degree. I blame it on the way I was raised and the fact that I can do a thing around my mother without her telling me not to do that/ say that/ look at that or else it will mark my baby and she doesn’t have much patience for ugly babies.

Now I’m not as psycho as others I know may be about “marking” my baby but I refuse to call someone ugly or unattractive now (I try not to even think it) and I’m constantly praying that my baby will have this trait from me or that trait from this relative. I don’t think there’s any harm in it. And heck all else fails I’ve quit putting some negativity into the world. Right? However I do still think it’s ok to imitate the kangaroo on the commercial. Not like my baby is going to come out with a pouch 😯 (oh God I hope not).

But get this: I’m so peculiar about who I let touch me! I’ve always been a give me “3 feet of personal space” kind of gal, but now it’s like “back away from the preggo!!” Not only do I not want people to touch me because I just hate to be touched but I don’t want their bad vibes/personalities/demons/facial features/etc transferring to my baby and “marking” her. I feel nuts even saying it but it’s how I feel. 😦

Whether “marking” a baby may be nothing more than a old wives’ tale, on the other hand it may have some truth in it. It could be like karma: the baby edition. Either way I guess I’m not taking any chances. What mom-to-be doesn’t want a pretty healthy baby? I look at it as giving my baby an edge. 😆

Making it isn’t easy, but can we make it pretty?