Honey Mooning

Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve posted! I ALMOST feel bad, but I’ve really been in the honey moon phase that the second trimester was promised to be! I feel amazing. All of those symptoms that other pregnant women and mothers warned me about have avoided me (thank God!). Yes, I’ve had to adapt some things in my life like how I sleep and my ability not to roll my eyes at stupid comments 🙄 but that’s about it.

My energy is great, no food aversions, I’m still physically active and working out, no swelling and while my little lady is quite active she hasn’t shown any vendetta against my bladder or my ribs. I can still shave my legs and polish my toes! I have had the occasional leg cramp when I stretch waking up but nightly calf stretches seem to have cured that. I don’t want to jinx myself and say I’m the magical pregnant unicorn they speak of in the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” but I feel pretty darn close to it.

I will mention that I had a moment of weakness where Sonic did not have ice cream more-less their advertised turtle molten chocolate cake sundae that I came for and I decided they deserved to go out of business and expressed that on both their twitter and Facebook before calming down. 😆 😆 😆 But hey it happens to the best preggo out there.


I like to move it move it

{{17 weeks and counting}}

!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!! Ahhhh!! I’m so excited!! ❗ ❗ My baby just moved and we obviously have some kind of ESP communication going on!! I’m literally too excited to sleep.

Back story: So I’ve been feeling a thump here or there for about a week, but how can a first time mom be sure that those tiny thumps are baby moving especially when it’s just one or two in a row? So I go to an online birth club board and start voicing my concern. An hour later this kid gives me like 1 minute straight of what had to be a combination of Capoeria and the Cha-cha slide. I had to lay there for another 2 minutes in case she wasn’t done. Obviously my baby read my mind and right after I’d given up for the night decided to go show out!! I’m telling you I am in LOVE and beyond excited! (I’m sure my over-use of the exclamation point in the post shows it.)

Making it isn’t easy, but times like this it’s worth it!!


I am the Hindenburg


I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive the baby apps for playing down these 1st semester pregnancy symptoms! I was not properly informed that I would turn into the Hindenburg! I’m a bloated blimp filled with gas!! My entire is so bloated I look like I have a text book under my shirt (it’s not even round like a baby bump 😦 ). Today, outside at the train station I let one go that was as long as the train whistle masking sound! 😯 I burp all day and when I law down at night I can’t get comfortable until I let out a huge man sized burp. It doesn’t matter what I eat I produce enough gas daily to power a 747.

Now, I know you’re thinking, I get the blimp comparison but why the Hindenburg? Well ladies and gents my gas’ best friend is HEARTBURN! Did you know you can have heartburn to the point that you spit up acid? Yea, me either! Let me tell you heartburn is the flame that brings this blimp down! But they say lots of heartburn during pregnancy means your baby will have a head full of hair. Looks like I’ve got Rapunzel baking in my oven.

Making it isn’t easy, but with Tums and GasX I’ll make it through!