{{18 weeks and counting}}

What kind of first time mom would I be if I didn’t bombard you with my ultrasound pictures? Baby moved so much it was hard to get the still shots! a little blurry if you ask me (but still so beautiful)


2D. Kind of a profile

3D curled up

3D curled up

At the end, finally asleep with hands between legs like mama!!

At the end, finally asleep with hands between legs like mama!!

Making it isn’t easy, but can you believe this is what I’m making?


Whoa! There’s a Baby in There!

Okay, so I knew I was pregnant. Clearblue couldn’t be any darn clearer:

2013-03-23 21.09.22

But here I am sitting by myself still in disbelief by what I just saw and heard. I laid on that table in the dark ultrasound round unsure of how I felt. I was in a place much darker than the room my body rest in and as she searched for my difficult to find left ovary (it’s way up there, trying to mingle with my kidneys I believe) I did some searching of my own. Was I ready for this? What would my family say? How would I support a child? Where would we live? Why the **** isn’t he here? Guess it’s a good thing I re-homed Fresh Prince (my dog). Before I got to capture the next question floating around in my head, my heart stopped and my breath caught in my chest. I heard my baby’s heartbeat. And I melted. I saw her little heart fluttering full of life and any decision I had to make was made. I’m going to be a mom.

Meet Gummy 8 weeks

Meet Gummy
8 weeks

Making it isn’t easy, but I made the choice to be a mom. Time to had morning sickness and fatigue to my list of challenges to overcome.

And gas. And bloating. And irritability. And crying at every 7th Heaven rerun.  Ugh