Products We Love: Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

If there is anything that I would say NEEDS to be in every diaper bag and on every changing table it’s Boudreaux’s Original Butt Paste! My baby has only had 3 bouts with diaper rash (one due to a change in diaper brand, two due to teething) and butt paste has come to the rescue each time. Having a darker skinned baby the first case of diaper rash she had was moderate and  took me a little longer to recognize as an issue. Within 2 days of using the Boudreaux’s the redness on her bottom was gone and within the week it was completely healed. Butt paste worked just as quickly on her rashes she got due to the acidic bowel movements she had while teething. With her last round of teething I used butt paste as a preventative measure and bypassed the teething diaper rash all together (which makes for a happier baby). It also makes wiping poop off bottoms a breeze! I now keep a tube in her and bag and one at the house!



Products We Love: Mombo

There are so many different products on the market for babies and kids and it’s my goal to share with you ones that we love! So, if you have a product selection that you want to recommend to us or for us to try let us know! With that being said here’s my first review of many!


Comfort and Harmony Mombo in “Tweet Life”

Knowing I was going to be breastfeeding I knew I’d need a nursing pillow! I chose the Comfort & Harmony Mombo because it was cute and had a lot of neat features. Now after having breastfed my little one over a year I know the Mombo’s features aren’t neat, they’re AMAZING!The Mombo features a soft plus side, which is great for baby lounging and tummy time, and a firm flat side for nursing. It has a snug fitting curve and a vibration unit.

I took for granted how awesome having a firm flat side and that tight fit is until I used a Boppy at a visit to our lactation consultant . My baby was rolling off the Boppy and I had to use another pillow to get the Boppy into a position good for nursing. I also noticed how flat the Boppy became under my baby’s weight, an issue I have yet to have with my Mombo.  Another plus is to the flat side is that because it’s not curved there’s a larger area to lay baby, great now that I’m nursing a 12 month old not a newborn! Plus the height of the Mombo assists baby in sitting up.

Mombo Vibration Unit

Mombo Vibration Unit

The vibration unit on the Mombo was a lifesaver when my baby was a newborn. Laying her in the Mombo with the vibration unit on was the only way I could do my hair without getting my baby covered in hair! Now that baby is older I now lay on the pillow with the vibration unit on for a little bit of relaxation. In 12 months of use, we’ve only gone through 3 batteries, and that’s mostly due to the units automatic shut off.

The Mombo comes in several cute designs and has many easy to change covers. I purchased the “Tweet Life” design along with two other covers (pictures and action shots to come later). The covers have been through the washing machine and dryer several times and still look new!

Overall, we love the Mombo because it can be used from birth to toddler, it comes in fun and cute designs, and it’s durable.


Sorry, I’ve been busy

I have been so busy preparing for my little one that I’ve been totally MIA here. Well let me say first of all SHE’S HERE!!  Weeks 28-37 were filled with planning baby showers, attending doctors appointment, and reading, researching, and buying baby items. I can’t wait to play catch up and rehash it all in some blogs to come and to formally introduce my baby love on here. But for right now I’ve got to get her into a warmer sleeper! It’s dropping down to the low 30s/ high 20s here (freezing for us southern girls!)